Air Layer Propagation Must Haves

If you follow me on TikTok you’d know the success I’ve been having with my air layering. I wanted to go over in better detail what I use to be able to achieve this method of propagation. For me, it just makes sense not having to worry about stem rotting with water propagation. There is a lot less risk involved.

Here are a few things you’ll need to get optimal results.

  1. Of course, quality spag moss. As you may know, there are quality differences in the moss that you use. I know because I bought a terrible batch of it from a local nursery. After doing some research I discovered this to be some of the best as well as being at a fair price. (Here are a few options of quality spag moss the one I ordered happens to be out of stock but these seem to be just as good. Listed are ones for different qantitiy needs.)

  2. Liquid Rotting Hormone. I love this stuff. I use it all the time with my soil propagations and also air layering. This is what I spray into the moss that I’m using for air layering. It speeds up the entire rooting process. I have gotten roots to start forming in only a couple of days by using this! (Click Image to be Redirected to the exact product I use.)

  3. Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste. If you are going to root you might as well try to get those nodes to pop out new growth points! I have yet to see the results with this but I have seen several people that have gotten amazing results using this on the philodendrons. I’ll of course keep you updated with my own findings on this. I’m excited to see my results using this. I placed this stuff on all sorts of node areas so we’ll see if it is as great as what the reviews say and what people have posted about on social media. (Click Image to be Redirected to the exact product I use.)


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