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As per request: Here are some of the products that I’m highlighting in some of my videos. Please know these are affiliate links. I am taking the time to put these lists together and I also want to make sure you are getting from the exact ones that are from what I purchased and not look-alikes. Let me know if there are any suggestions you’d like for me to add! I will be doing my best to keep this updated constantly! (Simply click on the images to be directed directly to the item.)

Also note: Prices may change at any time. These are just currently what they are and what I paid for them at that time.


This gadget is definitely on the top of my list! I’ve only started using it here in the past week but I can’t recommend this enough. It saved my large pothos in my kitchen…it kept dropping leaves…come to find out it was lack of fertilizer. Before placing this device in I thought it was a water issue and sunlight issue. Fertilized according to it’s recommended reading and hasn’t dropped a leaf since! It will tell you if the soil is perfect for moisture if the plant has enough sunlight if it’s too hot or cold of an area that it’s in and to me, one of the most important that I was lacking in was the nutrient factor. I don’t know what other device is able to measure this so to me it’s incredible that it does!
I’ll be creating a post in full details and lots of TicTok videos on how I use it!
Currently are only: $29.99
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Digital Humidifier Reader

This is a must-have for all your high humidity plants! It’s so inexpensive for how important the information it is giving you about your plants. I think all of us plant parents need to get this.

Currently are only: $12.99
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3 Headed LED Grow Light with 5 light levels and Controller

I purchased this for the winter but I know I’ll be using this year-round as it now allows me to place plants where I normally do not get to place them! Here is a TikTok of my setup using this exact light (link here to view). It’s seriously awesome and simple to put together. I love that it has a timer on it and light brightness levels on it. The link is the one I purchased and the one that is the least expensive from others that are just like it. Others running around $30. Get it while it’s at this price!

Currently are only: $23.99
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Here are the grow lights I have showing in my TikTok Video setup. I’ve only had for a few days but so far work well for my shelving unit. I will mention I didn’t realize these were going to be a pink/purple light so I will be looking to change these out to be full-spectrum white lights that I ended up ordering below this one as a set of 12 lights.

These are ones I have on order and will be replacing my pink lights with. These are even less expensive as I get a 12 pack instead of the 6 lights above.

Pot Finds!

I’m in love with this hanging pot! My biggest issue is trying to decide what to put in it! One of my strings or ruby cascade? (Note it does not have a drainage hole – So good for leca use.)
Currently are only: $7.46 **(make sure to select the color and single quantity option)
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Here is the cut adorable set of 6 square pots with drainage holes. I love they come with bamboo tray bottoms both visually appealing and useful! Again going to have a hard time figuring which plants will go in these. Perfect for succulents and strings of anything.
Currently are only: $15.99 for a 6 pack
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Here are the 5.5 Inch Pots that I talked about on my TikTok that I believe these are a must-have! They are really nice sized and good quality for the price! Here’s the original TikTok Video.
Currently are only: $21.99
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Here is another set that is smaller but you get more of them. I also purchased these and because I have so many starter plants I will be getting more very soon! My TikTok Review.
Currently are only: $21.99
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Looking for some great quality small starter pots for cuttings or seedings? Here are ones I found at a decent price and are a good quality thick black plastic. I use these all the time…they fit perfectly in my small greenhouse containers as well. You know my donut and muffin recycled containers. Here’s a of a TikTok you can see them being used in.
Currently Priced: $11.89 for a pack of 40
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Let’s Grow!

Here are the moss poles that I purchased! These I think are fantastic for the price! There are others for more that I saw but you only get 2 of them…these you get all 4 along with a set of plastic green tags. TikTok Review Found Here.
Current Price $16.99 (that’s only $4.20 each!) You can’t make them for this price!
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Plant Journal & Tracker

This would be a great journal to help keep track of how often you are watering and fertilizing your plants as well and taking notes and inventory of every plant you own. TikTok Review Found Here.
Current Price $11.99
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All About Leca!

I found this to be the most reasonably priced and works great! It’s a nice size bag of 10 Liters. Makes for a great starter bag! I’ve been able to convert several of my plants over to this and still have not used it all. Mind you I have no plans to convert all of my plants but ones I worry about root rot with.
Currently Priced: $13.69
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Great For Propagation!

I use these ALL the time for my cuttings I’m propagating. I’m currently using some with the Leca that I purchased which works great! These also come with the string and tags which are great to be able to date your propagations. I used my string to be able to hang my jars up on to create a propagation station stand. You can see here in this TikTok video.
Currently Priced: $13.99
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Plant Hydration

Here is the spay bottle with Nosal that I use to get specific plants in pots and for my mini pots as well. This works great and I use it often. It also is great for succulents that don’t like to get water on its leaves. This isn’t the exact one I use as mine came with a kit but this one is much less being it is just the bottle. You can sure bet I did a TikTock video.
Currently Priced: $10.99
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This is something I’ve been dragging my feet on getting because in my mind why do you want to spend this much for a spray bottle…am I right? But I have over 150 plants and counting so this guy saves me from having to spritz hundreds of times a day. This can be set to auto spray with an adjustable nozzle, not to mention saving money in the end as I’ve gone through I can’t tell you how many cheaper spray bottles that all end up breaking down from over-usage.

Currently Priced: $15.99
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  • SaraAugust 27, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    This is such a beautiful set up and has such amazing finds!


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