Healing & Reset

Today I’ve gone through a world wind of emotions. You want to know what saved me…this…this right here. I’ve been away from this website for years and as I was contemplating starting a brand new site…I considered the idea of keeping what I already have. Then it dawned on me how crazy and insane that I would have thought of starting up something brand new. I have everything I need right here.

Years it has been since I’ve typed up anything here…dusting off a sector of my life that wakens a part of me that feels like an old friend. As much as I felt hurt this morning by my current events…I feel a sense of calm and dare I say joy in recovering this set aside neglected piece of me. It’s so natural to get back to everything that runs my life online. As if I’m waking up for the first time in a long time. I can’t believe I almost forgot who I was…so lost in the world demands to draw me into…far away from the person I’m designed to be.

I have so many new ideas downloaded and desires of my heart that I know I must follow. It’s here I know I will find solitude, peace and healing. There’s a sense of closeness to myself that subdues my feelings of loneliness. It’s quite incredible and I’m blessed to be able to fall upon who I am once again.

I can’t wait to share in journey of what is to come…caring through with the use of all my talents and what I feel a call on my heart from God Himself.

I discovered ever so recently how heartache of a breakup can force out the needs of the heart to not hurt. It’s the silver lining and motivation I need to pass through and move on from everything I’ve endured in this past year in feeling isolated, abandoned and stuck.

This is my vow to myself that I will work hard to find myself again and never place another soul before my own. I love it here. Thank you for reminding me where I belong.

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